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i feel like i’m changing it every day but there are just SO MANY HOT NEW PICTURES

"Also Scooter McFellows, I guess I didn’t ‘mess’ it up, huh?" -James Maslow

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posted 2 years ago

someone send me some good btr slash smut

i’ve never read any really, so i don’t know what ‘good’ is haha but i’m so bored i’m giving in

srsly james and his cardigan and his jacket and his dancing and his on screen girlfriend and his hair and his singing and his face and his religion and his smile i have never wanted him to be my boyfriend more than in the music sounds better with u video

and anyone who has spent a remote amount of time on my blog will know that’s saying a lot

what I like about the boys accidentally having the cameras on without realising is that we see the real them. and the real them don’t fight. the real them get along just like on camera. they’re so real, they just swear 4000% less on camera.

Big Time Rush questions- leave a number in my ask
  1. Favourite member
  2. Biggest conflict
  3. Favourite song
  4. Favourite song from BTR
  5. Favourite song from Elevate
  6. Favourite episode
  7. Own any memorabilia?
  8. Ever seen them live?
  9. Ever met them?
  10. How you got into them
  11. Has your favourite always been your current favourite?
  12. Ever been tweeted/retweeted by a member?
  13. Do you have any posters of them?

I’m sorry all time low fans, I wasn’t aware it’s illegal to cover songs now

I knew Elevate would get leaked to the internet before 11-21-11 hahah we’re rushers what did people expect