The alphabet of Take That ♥


They’ve won 14 all together

Beautiful World

Their comeback album

The Circus

Take That’s 5th Album

Do What U Like

Take That’s first ever single

Everything Changes

Their 2nd album

The Flood

Their first single from Progress

Gary Barlow

Howard Donald

I’d Wait For Life

The third single released from Beautiful World

Jason Orange


Will be the third single from Progress

Like I Never Loved You At All

The 5th track on Beautiful World

Mark Owen

Nobody Else

Take That’s 3rd album

Once You’ve Tasted Love

The third single from Take That & Party


Take That’s 6th album

Robbie Williams


The 2nd single from Beautiful World

Take That & Party

Their first album

Up All Night

The 2nd single from The Circus

Wooden Boat

The last track on Beautiful World


The 10th track on The Circus

Sorry I’ve left out Q, V, X and Z, I couldn’t find anything for those letters.

Take That on the Royal Variety

THEY WERE AMAZING. I didn’t even like S.O.S. too much before, but now I can’t stop listening to it. They were so good, Mark looked adorable singing into that microphone, and in the second time watching it I realised how hot Jason looked! And Robbie going up to the box and using his megaphone was cool :)

Take That, I will love you foreverrrr ♥